Creativity. Our personal creativity is such a reflection of a creator who made us so unique and special. There is so much to say about this subject, but “pictures speak a thousand words.” In November, we had a team working with us and they did a craft with some of our kids from Candelaria and … Continue reading

The Whole Story

I haven’t really had time to think about how to explain all that has gone on with this situation. It is difficult to write about when it seems like the situation changes daily and we are still uncertain of what is going to happen. This is about Lydia. She is one of the craziest, spunkiest, … Continue reading

A Bit of My Heart

I stood outside in the rain with a bunch of us huddled under a tarp trying to stay dry. I talked to a grandmother, an aunt, and Veronica, confused. I don’t know why they have to leave. I know I’m not going to convince them to stay so I take that time to be with … Continue reading

He Loves His Kids.

I love connecting people. It’s so fun when worlds get connected and smashed together. One thing that I love about the sponsorship program is that we get to connect two worlds. It’s beautiful to see God’s Kingdom really become God’s entire Kingdom transcending cultures and languages.  It is so apparent when kids are really loved, … Continue reading

Wonder-Woman Claudia

I want to take this blog to write about a woman I love so much and am so grateful I get to work with her.  Claudia is a pastor’s wife and she works HARD. Pastor Walther is an incredible man of God and he pastors the outreach church of Santa Matilde. The community loves and … Continue reading

Tutoring Groups and Hope

I started tutoring in Santa Matilde last school year. There is so much need in this village because many of the kids are the first in their families to be literate or to go to school. They don’t have anyone at home to help them be successful in their classes. School began in February and … Continue reading


Youth group had been the same for a long time. The same people, the same teachings, the same layout, everything. Our “youth” group consisted of “kids” approaching or past their 20-year-old mark. It’s time for them to grow up and to start walking into the things the Lord has for them as adults.  A couple … Continue reading

In 2013…

I can’t believe it’s 2014. I mean, really. I’ve been here since March, just shy of 10 months. Time really flies. It sounds clique but it has been so true! This has been a year of trusting the Lord in so many areas. Starting in January, fundraising to move to a completely different country something … Continue reading


Last Sunday, Tommy spoke about abandoning yourself and jumping into the fullness of God. So good. And is a lesson we should carry with us every day. At the end, Tommy asked if anyone wanted to jump in… Don’t have expectations except that God will show up, right?  One of the first people out of … Continue reading