Sometimes I feel like Bilbo



I don’t know if you have seen or read The Hobbit yet. Of course, my mom and I saw it opening weekend. My mom has read the Lord of the Rings SERIES 30+ times (Sidenote: She has also read Les Mis in French so we were GOLDEN this holiday season movie wise).

I think one of my favorite parts of The Hobbit movie was the beginning. A bunch of dwarves and Gandalf invade Bilbo’s hobbit home. Gandalf encourages him to go with them on an adventure, and at first, Bilbo declines saying, “I can’t just go running off into the blue! I’m Bilbo Baggins, of Bag End!” The group leaves him with a very long contract and the promise of an adventure.

I think that’s what the Lord does with us, all of us. All we have to do is sign up. We don’t know exactly what is before us on this adventure. Maybe it’s our sort of goblins, dragons, and giant spiders as Bilbo encounters. God doesn’t tell us every twist and turn, only that, in trusting Him, we are in for adventure.


I admit that, I definitely try to read the contract, looking for exactly what I can expect. Then God says, “Just trust me. Let’s go on an adventure together.” Like Bilbo, sometimes I am hesitant; sometimes I try to run away. But being with the Lord is more important and bringing His Kingdom is more important.

I really love when Bilbo decides he is going to find the group and he runs out the door yelling to a passerby, “I am going on an adventure!

I want to run with that same passion and excitement. And I am just as excited about where the Lord is taking me! I cannot wait to be back in Nicaragua!

CONFESSION: I was cleaning my room and getting rid of things. I became a little over ambitious and packed for Nicaragua! So, I am, more or less, all packed!


In order to get back to Nicaragua, I need your help. I am looking for 20 people who can support me $20 monthly OR 7 people who can support me $50 monthly. Once I get this, I will be fully funded! Would you consider partnering with me?

All, you have to do is click HERE

Feel free to email/message/call/smoke signal me with any questions!




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