Last Sunday, Tommy spoke about abandoning yourself and jumping into the fullness of God. So good. And is a lesson we should carry with us every day. At the end, Tommy asked if anyone wanted to jump in…

Don’t have expectations except that God will show up, right? 

One of the first people out of his seat was Gato (whose name is actually Marvin). I just love Gato. ImageHe has one of the purest, kindest hearts of anyone I have ever met. Recently, he has been struggling, hasn’t really been coming to church and even seeing him sitting in the back with his usual backwards hat made me so excited.


Tommy said, “Who wants to jump?” Before I even knew it, Gato was walking up to the front. 


He didn’t wait for any other youth to do it first, wasn’t afraid of what they might think.

 He walked confidently to the front. I grabbed my friend, Lindsay’s arm, and just started praying. I love this kid and God has created him so uniquely and so specifically.  

He is growing into a man who can bring change, who can influence his community in ways that no one else can.

After a couple more people came up to the front, I looked up and saw Junieth. For a minute, I thought she just needed something or was going to talk to someone. It took me a moment to actually believe she wanted to JUMP IN. Image

Junieth has been on my heart since I got here in March. I haven’t really been able to explain why. She just turned 15 and has definitely been a typical 15-year-old girl. I have had her name on a little sticky note on my computer since I got here, and I didn’t take it down even when she wasn’t speaking to me. Or when that silent treatment turned into almost 2 months.

ImageTwo weeks ago, I had a long heart to heart with her. I challenged her. I pushed her. I told her to think about what I had just said. To think about if she actually wanted to take that step, to leave everything else. She shrugged and only seemed to be half-heartedly listening.

She walked up to the front with a small smile and I literally had to catch my breath. She wants HIM. I think sometimes she doesn’t even realize that it’s Him she wants. She has a beautiful heart for relationship with people. My prayer is that with every step she takes Junieth gets closer and closer to His heart.



3 thoughts on “JUMPING

  1. LOVE! I love hearing how God is working in and through you and this community in Nica. =) Praying for you sweet friend! ❤

  2. Cadence, this is SO GOOD! I love the community that he is continually drawing together there – and it just seems so perfect for you to be right in the middle of it. Praying lots of things for you today.


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