Youth group had been the same for a long time. The same people, the same teachings, the same layout, everything. Our “youth” group consisted of “kids” approaching or past their 20-year-old mark. It’s time for them to grow up and to start walking into the things the Lord has for them as adults.

 A couple months ago, we cancelled youth so we could think and pray about a new way. Youth has always been for ages 14 and up. It was time we put some limits on that. We lowered it to 13 and capped it at age 19. It’s time to get some new people.

 There is an age group that is one of my favorites and often times neglected. Kids who are 12-14ish are not little kids anymore but DEFINITELY not adults. They are beginning to think for themselves but


Me, Kenia, and Lisa

have no idea what that means. I am so excited to start youth and be able to teach the 13-15 year olds with Kenia.

Lisa and I are working with two incredible Nicaraguan women that we have gotten to watch grow in the Lord. Sandra is excited to be able to share more of her heart and to have a platform to really speak truth into the lives of the youth. Lisa and Sandra will teach the 16-19 year olds during the small group time. Kenia has a heart for the younger age group and she isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions. She wants to see them grow up in the Lord walking with confidence knowing who they are. She and I will together teach the 13-15 year old group.


Sandra (right) with Ariela and Junieth.

Over the last two Wednesdays, we have kicked off a new, fresh youth group! We had no idea what to expect. The first day, twenty-one people showed up and all except two were on time! That is a miracle in itself for Nicaragua! Out of the 21 people there, only 3 of them had ever been to youth before. Last week, it grew even bigger.                

I am so excited for what the Lord has in store for this group. I am excited about the newness of this group and to encourage these youth to begin to build their own relationship with the Lord. 



2 thoughts on “Newness

  1. Wow, 21 people and a new 13-19 youth group. The group sounds promising. It is a big responsibility to direct and guide them. Greg S.

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