Wonder-Woman Claudia

I want to take this blog to write about a woman I love so much and am so grateful I get to work with her.

 Claudia is a pastor’s wife and she works HARD. Pastor Walther is an incredible man of God and he pastors the outreach church of Santa Matilde. The community loves and respects Walther and Claudia even when they have to tell them the hard things.

About a month ago, we were in Santa Matilde and saw one of our sponsored girls needed to go to the hospital but her mom didn’t know what to do with her one-month old baby sister. Lisa and I took care of her the sleepless first night, but then Claudia volunteered to watch her. Claudia cared for that little girl in such a beautiful way, recognizing when she got sick and knowing everything a mom would know.


 She has kids of her own who know they are loved and who know they can do big things. Claudia believes in people even when they don’t believe in themselves. Kids in Santa Matilde know they have someone who gets on them when their grades are low because she knows they can do better. These kids know they are part of a church family and that Claudia will notice if they aren’t there or if there is something wrong.


 Claudia is such a mom. In the brokenness of many families, she loves and challenges the people in her community. In the sponsorship program, she sees what we don’t see and helps us find the best way to help. She works through really hard situations, loving all the while. When she sees a need, she looks for ways to fix it.

 Claudia is one of the people who make my life happy (even though she threatened to put a turkey in my room on my birthday). We joke and laugh together-I’m pretty sure she thinks I am the craziest person on the planet. I love the life that she carries and the hope she has to bring wholeness to her community. 



Check out the video I made documenting my first year in Nica!



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