He Loves His Kids.

I love connecting people. It’s so fun when worlds get connected and smashed together. One thing that I love about the sponsorship program is that we get to connect two worlds. It’s beautiful to see God’s Kingdom really become God’s entire Kingdom transcending cultures and languages.


Olvin loved getting a photo of his sponsor’s family.

 It is so apparent when kids are really loved, encouraged, and supported. They know they have someone who believes in them. It goes  so much further than sending money monthly for school supplies. While the kids and their families are so appreciative of those school supplies, it’s the heart and love behind it that impacts the kids the most. I smile when I see tears streaming from kids’ faces as they hug their sponsor goodbye or the prayers they pray hearing their sponsor is sick or going through a difficult time. 


Anayesi and Johanna reading letters from their sponsors.



Virginia was so excited to hear from her sponsor!

I have seen kids tear through packages looking for that one photograph or that one letter, skipping over the candy and toys. Some of our kids constantly ask to “know” or to meet their sponsors.They feel so connected to them and want to hear from them.


We tell kids their sponsor is coming and they don’t leave their house all week just in case they miss them. They get dressed up and won’t play with their friends in fear of getting dirty. The kids listen to us and hear our hearts for them but some of the best heart-to-hearts are had with their sponsors despite any language barrier. I’ve gotten to see sponsors fill roles as dads and moms when a child desperately needed it. 


Writing letters to sponsors!

It’s a love that points to the love of the Father. These kids are learning to let themselves be loved and chosen by someone who believes in them. It’s an echo of the love that God gives his children unconditionally. I get to see this everyday, and I love it. Sponsorship is about enabling children to succeed, to believe in themselves, and to allow themselves to be loved. I am so blessed to get to be a part of a program that is bringing life into hearts and families.



One thought on “He Loves His Kids.

  1. The relationships you are forming and the support you are providing are quite remarkable. You are truly making a difference on the planet. As always! I am very proud of you. Dad

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