My name is Cadence Snyder. I am from Virginia Beach, but I studied Education at Asbury University. After I graduated (May 2010), I spent two months in the Dominican Republic through a grant from Asbury and then participated in a program called the World Race. I went to 11 different countries and spent a month in each, working with different ministries in each country. I learned so much about the Lord and His transcendent love for His children. While on the Race, I learned what it means to be broken for this world while actively hoping for and seeking His Kingdom here on Earth.

 My team for the last 8 months of the Race: 

My fourth month on the Race brought me to Candelaria, Nicaragua to work with New Song Mission. During our time at New Song, the community lost an incredible member of the youth. Sixteen year old, Anthony Cadena, drowned one afternoon while he and his friends went to the beach to hang out.  Through this tragedy, the Lord uniquely led my team to stay in Nicaragua a second month speaking life into the community and the youth, some of whom experienced this tragedy first hand.

This past summer (2012), I returned to Nicaragua and was so blessed to get to build relationships

through the community and catch up with others.

I have a heart for empowering others to step out of what is holding them back and run towards their dreams, passions and hopes for the future.  Longing to see God’s Kingdom collide with the community of Candelaria, I want to see the people of Nicaragua deepening their relationships with the Lord and realizing the love He has for His children.

I will be working with New Song for at least a year to an indefinite period of time empowering the youth into leadership, working with preteen girls, discipleship, helping with the educational sponsorship program, and teaching English. I will be able to return when I finish fundraising!

Click “Support Me” to learn how to help me get back to Nicaragua!


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  1. I hope you got my recent card. My hope and prayers go with you Cadence! Can’t wait to hear about your time and ministry in Nicaragua!

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